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Cutting the Cake

Was it a birthday or just a bit of a do? We would love to know. Can we have assistance with a date, names or the occasion? Margaret Atkinson advised that the young lady cutting the cake had a mother with a shop in High Row, Loftus; whilst Tony Money added: “The lady cutting the cake is Kathleen Heselton, and the family did have a shop at the bottom of High Row, number 50. Kath was a member of the Youth Club Badminton team and the cake could be for winning an award.”
Image courtesy of Loftus Youth Club, thanks to Danny Plews, Margaret Atkinson and Tony Money for the updates and names .

5 comments to Cutting the Cake

  • Danny Plews

    Thank you for this photograph, I was, for my sins the secretary of this Youth Club when Mr Harrison was the Leader in the late 1950’s.
    This organisation helped me to grow up and have a sense of responsibility not only for ones self but the area around you!
    Danny Plews

  • margaret atkinson

    Hi I think the lady cutting the cake looks like ? Heseltine her and her mam had the shop at bottom of High Row.

  • Tony

    The lady cutting the cake is Kathleen Heselton. Everyone just called her Kath.

  • The lady cutting the cake does indeed look like Kath Hesletine, I well remember visiting that sweetie shop at the bottom of High Row. A regularly went there when I was visiting my granny Sarah Cook who lived at 20 Hartington St.

  • Tony

    Heselton is the correct spelling.
    The cake could be celebrating winning an award, as I believe Kath was on the Youth Club badminton team.

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