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Hutton Street, Skinningrove

Not many will have seen Hutton Street, as today it is no longer there! After the shops closed, the street was demolished and all that remains is the lower kerb at the side of the road.

Image (from a newspaper cutting) courtesy of Eric Johnson.

2 comments to Hutton Street, Skinningrove

  • Susan Bailey

    I vividly remember Hutton street and the nice folk who loved there as my mum took over Darts shop at the far end and there was Hudson’s too. My grandad opened a pigeon corn shop there.My mums shop closed around 1973 and my grandads second wife Hannah and myself at times worked there.If my mum thought I was being a bit ‘shirty’with customers she used to whisper to me”Get out the back with the bacon slicer”!My dad made it into a self service type towards the end and I can remember being terrified when decimal currency came in in case I gave the wrong change! We sold paraffin out of the adjoining garage. My mum was a lovely lady who would help anyone.

  • Robert

    I remember the Harland family who used to live in the end house on the row. The Salvation Army Hall was just opposite. We used to go to Sunday school every week. My grandma Georgina Bringloe used to run the Sunday school occasionally. Memories…

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