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Mother’s Union at Carlin How Church

The Archive had assistance in resolving: who, where and why with this image. Andrew Downs told the Archive: ”This is at the west door of St Helen’s church, Carlin How; I would guess it’s a Mother’s Union ‘do ‘ as they are parading the banner of our lady, which is still in the church to this day. My mum – Marie Downs (nee Lancaster) has been organist here since 1960”. Derick Pearson tells us: ” The lady on the front row far right is Mrs Thornton; next to her is Mrs Nattress. The lady between the Vicars head and his crook is Mrs Webster and Mrs Hoggarth to his left. The only other person I can recognise is Mrs Hoggarth from Carlin How who used to play the melodeon”.

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre, thanks to Derick Pearson and Andrew Downs for the additional information.

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