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And Again

Are you on this photograph? Help needed with names! Please let us know.

Back row: Ian Collings, ??, Martin Chapman.
Middle row: Scott Severs, Jamie Melbourne, Richard Breckon, Darren Lindsey, Angela Craven, Alan Robinson, Lee Stainthorpe, Adrian Magor.
Front row: Amanda Willis, ??, Victoria Swallwell, Joanne ?, Vicky ?, Chantelle Fleming, Linda Watson, ??, Leanne Harris.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson (photography by Tom Sayers), with thanks to Marianne Craven, Pauline Magor, Sharon Stone and Joanne Gibson for the updates.

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  • Joanne gibson

    Hi 1st on back row is Ian Collings, the 3rd is Martin Chapman, 2nd row 3rd is Richard Breckon,4th Darren Lindsey,6th Alan Robinson,7th Lee Stainthorpe, 3rd row 1st Amanda Willis,3rd Victoria Swallwell, 4th Joanne, 5th Vicky, 7th Linda Watson, 9th Leanne Harris.

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