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Ruswarp Flour Mill Fire

Do you know anyone in the picture? We now know from David Richardson: ”The fire occurred on the 25th September 1911, couldn’t tell you who anyone one is though.” Other information now available telling us: ”that the fire was discovered by two employees who had started their early morning shift and they alerted the Ruswarp policeman; he asked a local resident to telephone Whitby Police, who in turn alerted the Whitby Fire Brigade. Having experienced difficulty in procuring, it took them nearly an hour and a half to travel the one and a quarter miles with their horse-drawn manual engine. The fire was virtually burnt out when the brigade arrived at 4.20.” it is apparent that this image must have been taken not long after as there still appears to be smoke (or dust) emerging from the upper window spaces! The image is possibly from a series taken by John Thomas Ross an active photographer and postcard producer from Whitby. Photo journalism in it’s infancy.

Many thanks David Richardson for the dating. Other information from ”Whitby Photographers by Ruth Wilcock”

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