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Skinningrove Seniors

The Archive believe that it was about 1952 when this photograph was taken.
Back row (left to right): Joe England, Brian Yeoman,Brian Jemson, Raymond Hicks, Richard Matthews, Laurence Smith, Billy Hughes.
Third row: Ann Seymour, Betty Pinkney, Eunice McLean, ??, Joy Auckland, Jean Mellor, Sheila Partlett, IslaRobinson, Lillian Wood.
Second  row: Ivy Metcalf, Pamela Smith, Mary Bray, Carol Shaw, Joan Pearson, ??, Margaret Bowers, Betty Winspear, Audrey Cornforth, Pauline Campbell.
Front row: Derick Smith, ??, Norman Trattles, Peter Libby, Billy Pearson, and Eric Rowe.
Apologies for any names incorrectly spelt and do you know any of the missing names?

Philip Ransome advised: “My mother, Joan Ransome (nee Pearson) is next to Carol Shaw”. Whilst Ann Robinson told the Archive: “I think the girl next to me (Ann Seymour) was Betty Pinkney not Ann. I worked at the ‘Top Factory’ with Philip Ransome’s mum (Joan Pearson ) and have a group photograph with her on it. Will post it on here when I find it”.
Image courtesy of Eric Husband and Eric Rowe, also thanks to Phil Ransome and Ann Robinson for the updates.


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