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Danny Found and Loftus Mine Workers

The Archive has been sent this image of what is believed to be North Loftus (Skinningrove) Mine workers, it is believed that both Danny Found and Harold Found are in the photograph. Can anybody help?

Left to right: ??, ??, ??, Danny Found, Harold Found, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Image courtesy of Eileen Found.

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  • Steve Partlett.

    I think that this image was taken at Skinningrove village, where the play area is now located. The tank in the background was the railway water supply for loco’s working the “Zig-Zag” In later years when the railway no longer required the water, the tank was used for storing gas works tar. The tar was periodically run out of the tank into rail tanks for delivery. The straw in the rail wagon could be from a delivery of fire bricks to the gas works. The tank stood on very substantial 300mm square Pine wooden legs, and was demolished early in the 1960’s

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