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Carlin How Junior School 1954

Not the clearest of school photographs and we have had assistance with most names, but can anybody help with the few left to identify?

Back row: Terry Webb, John Ward, Stuart Stonehouse, Jeff Wicks, Alan Saunby, Brian Harcourt, Chris Stone, Lesley Harker, Keith Peirson, Wilfred Bartram, Mike Hudson, Robert Jackson.
Middle row: Brian Goldby, Malcolm Boddy, Susan Atkinson, Peter ?, ??, Kathleen Danby, Lynn Pinkney, Jean Wilson, John Robinson, Keith Ward, Alan Young, Keith Libby, John Doe.
Front row: Jennifer Carveth, Rosemary Ford, Elaine Batchelor, Valerie Bartram, Carol Bray, ??, Patricia Coles, Ann Berry, Barbara Bunny.
Thanks to Derick Pearson, Robert Doe, Pat Coles (via Chris Stone), Valerie Bartram, John Ward, Susan Brown and Margaret Russell (nee Ford) for names to date, particularly Margaret for confirming the date.

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  • Jan Dunning

    Hi I see John Ward is thanked for giving names/s. Does anyone know John Ward or where he might be? Or his brother Christopher. I want to get in touch with him so our American cousins,the Wainfors can get in touch. Evidently his,John’s, parents Stan and Eileen were in contact with our American relatives about 30 years ago

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