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Kilton B

Pictured we have two of the ironstone miners undertaking a record-breaking venture of removing ironstone in a one week period: on the left is Dennis Pearson, with on the right George (Ducks) Hollingworth at Kilton B . This photograph was taken for the record breaking venture that took place in Kilton Pit in the early 1950s. One week of absolute dedication; to drill, shot fire, fill tubs and lead the stone.
The record breakers were Dennis Pearson from Carlin How (an ex-Lingdale lad), George Hollingworth from Lingdale, Stan Tremain from North Skelton, Septimus Bamborough from Carlin How and John Stonehouse ‘senior’ from Lingdale. North Skelton claimed to have beaten the record later but it was not recorded as they used more men in the venture and so the output of Stone per man was less. The Kilton record stood and mine manager Andrew Turnbull was justly proud of his men.
Thanks to Derick Pearson for the information.

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