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Carlin How Junior School – 1939

Although even the date on this photograph was questionable and was thought to possibly date from the 1930s, the two teachers can be identified as: Miss Ethel Adamson (later to be Mrs Bassindale) and Miss Pat Stanlake (later to be Mrs Fletcher). But many of the pupils named remain a mystery, so the Archive asked for help.

Derick Pearson tells: ”First pupil on the left middle row with the triangle was Charlie Hellings (junior); fourth from on left back row Walter ‘Taxi’ Goldby”. Jeanne Whitfield added: ”Back row, second from right ( white sweater/ hair bangs) is myself; Jean Dixon. To my left in the picture, by the teacher is a girl called Cynthia who lived on Queen Street. Sadly, she died of diphtheria shortly after this photograph was taken. Fourth from the right, middle row is Jennie Webster. Girl seated next to the girl standing with the baton is Margaret Dye. Girl sitting with her legs crossed is Mary Young. I’m not sure, but I think the girl above Mary Young is Mary Laverick, (now Fenby) and living in Australia. Also I think the girl next to the drummer is Betty Poritt. I was eight years old so the picture would be dated 1939. I hope this helps.”

Thanks to Derick Pearson for names and Jean Whitfield (nee Dixon) for names and probable dating of the image; also thanks to Eileen Clements for Miss Adamson’s correct name.

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