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Bell’s Pit Miners – 1935

Bell’s Pit miners leaving the mine in 1935. Joe Metcalfe is identified as holding the handrail at the bottom of the steps. Joe lived at 14 Bell’s Huts in the 1930’s; with his wife Clara Jane and George, who was possibly his brother. Can anybody assist with names of the other miners? Margaret Stafford has advised the Archive: “I am pretty sure the 1st miner at the bottom of the stairs, smiling and looking straight at the camera) is my uncle John (known as Jack of course!) Hicks, born 1909 and then living in Wood Street Carlin How. By 1939 he was living in Loftus, still a miner; married to Mary Hebron with two sons. He died in 1977.His father and father in law were also ironstone miners as were many of my extended family around Marske, New Marske, Skelton.”

Image and details courtesy of Trevor Metcalfe (grandson of Joe Metcalfe), thanks to Margaret Stafford for the update.

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