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The Giant Racer, Redcar

Sandringham and Buckingham Road in Redcar occupy the site of the once famous Pleasure Park in Redcar; this amusement park which opened in 1924 included rides such as  ‘River Caves’, ‘The Whirlpool’, ‘The Scenic Motors’, ‘The Autocars’, as well as a skating rink, ‘Hilarity Hut’ and ‘Noah’s Ark’. The main ‘event’ was the wooden roller coaster known as the ‘Giant Racer’ which is shown on this postcard by A. E. Graham of Redcar and dates from 1930s. The park closed in 1938 when the 15 year lease lapsed, the Racer was dismantled and moved to at Sheerness; but its life was short-lived owing to the outbreak of war.

Image courtesy of Julie Tyrka.

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