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Webster Family (1925)

Thomas and Jane we are am surmising are the parents, with from left to right; Rita, Elsie, William and Kate, are there any families of these still in the area? Derick Pearson tells us: ”I believe Dorothy Limon (nee Webster) is a Grandchild of these, and if so The Mini Market along Brotton road at Carlin How is owned by Great Grandchildren of these folks. Andrew, Sarah etc.”

Image from a collection created by Derick Pearson and thanks to Derick for that update.

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  • Alison Yarushin

    William Lumsden Brown Webster was the grandfather whom I never knew, my mother being one of the seven Webster girls born to his marriage to Stella Willas. Thomas and Jane Webster were therefore my great-grandparents. How wonderful to have found this archive of photos!

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