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School Staff, 1973-74

Back row: Ron Stepehenson (R.E.), Malcolm Todd (History), Jim Alderson (Science, left December 1973), Dave Cleverley (Geography), Bob Stocks (Woodwork), John Winspear (Metalwork), Peter Jackson (Drama, left summer 1974) Jean Bishop (English), Brian Steeper (Remedial), Dick Terleki (Mathematics), Pierre Behogue (French, left summer 1974), Dick Sowerby (P.E.).

Middle row: Norman Lee (Science), Lyn Smith (Biology), George Gilmore (Science), Michael Carding (French), Dave Griffin (Head of Science), Stella Brown (Mathematics), Sheila Roden (Domestic Science, left October 1975), Gillian Richardson (Domestic Science), Eileen Stephenson (Remedial), Marian Pierson (Art, ’left’ summer 1974), Celia Parrish (English), Brian Smith (Head of Mathematics, left Easter 1974), Bill Griffiths (Technical Drawing).

Front row: Ron Kerrison (Geography), Brian Chacksfield (French, left December 1973), Leslie Hebron (Head of Domestic Science, left summer 1974), Harold Jones (Deputy Headmaster), Lewis Jordan (Headmaster), Kathleen Allanson (Senior Mistress), Rita Unthank (Remedial), Sue Robinson (Music), Joahn Teasdale (Art).

Missing: Malcolm Gratten, Don Curphy (left December 1973), Marian Calvert, Dave Brown, Pat Slater, Maggie Jagan (left July 1975), Morris Stephenson.

Image and some names courtesy of Mrs. R. Unthank; and Mrs. C. Parrish for other names and details; also Adam Cuthbert and Paul Clarke for additional names. Apologies to Brian Steeper for the incorrect spelling!

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