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Carlin How – Tivoli Theatre, 1912

Despite it’s exotic title the Tivoli Theatre, Carlin How was actually a corrugated sheeting building; with it’s mock gothic windows bore a greater resemblance to a chapel or religious building. Remembered for its travelling shows and dandily dressed actors who performed there. The building was also used for balls, as well as auctions. It later burned down in a fire in December 1914, the fire was believed to have started in Biott’s fish and chip shop which stood at the other end of the Theatre. The Tivoli Theatre stood on what was commonly called the Common opposite but to the right of the school. The same area in later years was where the Air Raid shelters were built. The telephone box of more modern times would have been at the right hand end of the Tivoli looking from Carlin How Fisheries. The metal fencing in the image faced onto Kilton Lane, whilst the youngsters in the photograph would be looking across Muriel Street at the end of the Maynard Arms.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and many thanks to Brian Jemson and Derick Pearson for updating information.

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