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Loftus County Modern School Staff

We’re not quite sure of all the teachers’ names in this photograph, please help.

Back row:  Mrs. Nellist (secretary), Miss R. Ward (later Mrs. R. Unthank),  Miss Allanson Mr. Ward, Mr. Lee, ??, Mavis Hall (pianist and singing teacher), Miss Elaine Jacobs, Mrs. Norminton

Front row: Mr. Howard, Mrs. Gornall, Mr. Davey, Mr. Norminton (headmaster), Mrs. Best, Mr. Stephenson, Miss Rivett  

Barbara McBurney tells us: “The teacher to the right of Mrs R Unthank I believe is a young Miss Allanson!”, whilst Anne Norminton told us: “The person to the right of Mrs Norminton was,  briefly on the staff and called so Elaine Jacobs.”


Image courtesy of Mrs. R. Unthank, thanks to Barbara McBurney and Anne Norminton for updated names.

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  • Ann Jackson

    Mr Davey was my first form teacher when I started senior school. He was a a lovely man. Mrs Unthank was my form teacher in 2nd Year ,Mr. Berwick in 3rd year and Miss Allanson in 4 th year. Happy days.

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