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Loftus County Modern School (1956 – Form 3A)

Back Row: Eric Bailes, Robin Bielby, Peter Dobson, James Hough, Ronald Allinson, ?? , Patrick Kilvington, Wilf Hodge, Christopher Williams.

Middle Row: Mike Hodgson, Eric Johnson, Valerie Jackson, Brenda M. Brignall, Maureen Cook, Margaret Whitwell, Ruth Simpson, Christine Norminton, Michael Matson, Peter Ellwood, John Jefferson, Mr John Howard.

Front Row:Barbara Shields, Barbara Marshall, Veda Todd, Jean Worrell, Sheila Emmerson, Norma Liddell, Hazell Liddell, Margery Butler, ??.

Can anybody assist with missing names?

Image and names courtesy of Eric Johnson.

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