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Loftus Junior School (1977 – Class 1)

Back Row: Mrs Bennett, Jackie Thomas, Catherine Hicks, Dean Brown, Val Marsay, Nicola ? , Kirsty Harker, ??.

Third Row: Peter Matthews, ?? , Gary Kentfield, Simon Bell, Andrew Gibson, Lee Peart, Terry Hume, Gary Walker.

Second Row: Neil Pearson, Shaun Morrison, Derek Coverdale, Stephen Gill, John White, Robin Bowman, Catherine Samway, ? Williams, Joanne Stonehouse.

Front Row: Melanie ? , Katherine Stone, Wendy Phillips, Michelle Ainsley.

We have been told: “All these pictures were taken to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in 1977. All have the same background; to the right of picture is the canteen. The food was delivered in large tubs from the food canteen situated at the bottom of High Row, Loftus and is now houses.”

Please help with precise date and missing names.

Image and some names courtesy of Marian Toulson.

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