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Mrs. McGingle and Class

Skinningrove Junior School in 1970, were you one of the pupils; come on own up?

Back row: Graham Dix, Dawn Noble, Sue Cox, Susan Clark, Paulin Carlin, Steven (Newt) Ewens, Billy Kemp, Leslie (Leso)Holliday.

Middle row: John Dart, Barry Money, Paul Boocock, Brian Purver, Shawn Lannigan, Colin Hart, Clifford Spedding, Wendy Caley.

Front row: Miranda Merryweather, Stuart Whitney, Dave (Moanie) Dawson, Stuart White, Kathleen Noble, Mrs McGingle, Jackie Small, Gill Stonehouse, Judith (Smart) Duboczy, Diane Trelaor.

Derick Pearson told us: “Miss McGingle also was a teacher in the Skinningrove senior school approx 1957 or 1958. She took our class for R.I and other lessons.” We were also asked if Mrs McGingle had a daughter and named Heather and after her marriage she moved to Leeds, this is where Mr and Mrs McGingle retired to, sadly they are no longer with us.

Image courtesy of Colin Hart, thanks to Colin Hart, Derick Pearson, Gary Smith, Paul Clarke, Garry Stonehouse and Pauline Warren for names and updates.

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  • Andrea Foord

    Nancy and Andy McGingle did have a daughter, Heather, and after Nancy retired, they moved to Leeds to be near Heather and their grandchildren. I taught with Nancy at Skinningrove from 1975 to 1979 and she retired shortly after this and before I returned to the school as a part time teacher in 1984. She was also an ardent Methodist and had the position of Circuit Steard in the Loftus and Staithes Circuit for many years alongside my father, Eddie Verrill.
    The Maypole photos bring back many memories for me! My aunt was Mrs Doris Troughton who taught the Nursery children. She is now 90 and in a home in Loftus at the moment.
    The headteacher at the time was Mr Ted Amos who retired just before Skinningrove and Carlin How Primaries were combined in 1985 to form Whitecliffe Primary School. I think that the teacher sorting out the music in the first photo is the Deputy Headteacher at the time, Mr Brian Cowgill who continued his teaching career as Headteacher at Lingdale primary School.

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