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‘The Holly and the Ivy’ December 1953


For Christmas 1953, Loftus & District Arts Club (Drama Section) produced ‘The Holly and the Ivy’, we been supplied with most of the names, can anybody fill in the blanks?
Vera Evans, Irene Fowle, Albert Allan (seated), Charlie Jefferson, Myra Dowson, ??, Nick ?. Peter Appleton has requested: “Does anyone have any more information about the Vera Evans depicted here? I ask because my mum’s sister was called Vera Evans. She was a daughter of Tom Evans, the watchmaker-jeweller whose shop was at 77 High Street Skelton (where the Co-op funeral parlour is today). She would have been in her early 20s when this photo was taken but I cannot tell from such a small image whether this is her or not.” Can anybody assist?

Image and names courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle), thanks to Peter Appleton for the update.

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