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At Skelton-in-Cleveland

A further postcard view of Skelton High Street, with the Wharton Arms and All Saints Church viewed over Egg Cup farm; the then muddy lane to The Hills is now a metalled public road. Note also the trees planted in front of the Wharton Arms, I wonder how long they lasted?

Image courtesy of Peter Appleton.

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  • Peter Appleton

    If my memory is not letting me down, they were still there in the 1950s. But perhaps, I’m wrong.

  • Owen Rooks

    I agree with you, Peter. I can remember the trees being there into the early 1950’s as well. They went from the Wharton Arms up to the entrance to Home Farm next to the church. Egg Cup Farm was occupied then by Eddie Dunning who used his ancient saloon car as a taxi; he took me and my family to Saltburn station on several occasions. In between times, judging by the aromas within it, I think he used the same car to transport his livestock! The building with its gable end pointing towards the camera at the extreme left of the picture was in my youth butcher Bob Young’s abattoir and his shop was on the High Street at the other side of the back lane. I and some of my mates once watched Butcher Young at work there, from a distance but within eye and earshot of the attendant sights and sounds. Kids weren’t wrapped up in cotton wool in those days!

  • Peter Appleton

    I recall watching him at work, too. I lived in Robinson Street (beside the church) and went to junior school at Skelton Green. If Bob was busy slaughtering and butchering as I walked down from The Hills on my way home, I’d stop off and watch him.

  • Ken Hannah

    I can remember the sycamore trees outside The Wharton Arms being pollard end in the mid-sixties.

    Peter Neasham ex-Harker Street at Skelton Green used to be Butcher Youngs delivery boy.

  • Lorraine chapman

    Hi please can anybody remember when Skelton green caravan site newland road in the 1950s/1960s my mam lived there any information would be greatly appreciated

  • Steve Moore

    Hi Lorraine, I don’t know exactly when the caravan site closed. But I can confirm, that it was up and running. Late 70’s early 80’s. As my brother James ‘aka’ “Jams”. Was living there with Judy Bonus. I remember, driving up Airy Hill lane. Not too far up from the cut through to Newlands road. Then there is a gap in the hedge. It’s here where the caravan site was. I don’t know who owned this land. But I do remember it being clean and tidy. And to be honest. A nice place to live. I remember taking Calor gas bottles up to my brother’s. For heating. I don’t remember if they had electric or not. But definitely running water.

  • Lorraine chapman

    Sorry Steve it has been a long time replying to your message but thank you very much for this information it was really interesting to find out about what you have told me .If anyone who
    new my Mam (Gwen smith ) I would be so grateful to find out about her . On my birth certificate my address was number 1 caravan site newlands road skelton green someone might no who lived would be so lovely if this was to happen thanks again regards lorraine

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