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Carlin How Square 1950’s

This is a nice photograph of Carlin How Square in the early 1950s. Notice all the telephone wires going to the large chimney stack on the centre house rather than to the lamp-post as today. Also note the bus stand on the left where everyone used to catch the bus Loftus / Whitby Bound. The bus on the right is marked Workmen, it is obviously the day shift ending time from Skinningrove works. Note also what was called Cunningham’s house in the centre of the junction at that time. Joan Jemson tells us: ”I remember when we lived at East Loftus about this time a ’works return’ for dad used to be 3d a day, what’s that in today’s money less than 2p?” Rita Beckham Adds: “”I enjoyed the photographs of Carlin How they brought back a lot of memories; we lived at 31 Lax Street, before it was knocked down to make way for the new road. We then moved to 10 Front Street when I was about 13, the person up the ladder in the photograph of the square is where we lived, but not sure who it is. Our Dad was blacksmith at Skinningrove pit, and had a garth near the bottom of Pit Bank.”

Image and primary caption courtesy of Derick Pearson and many thanks Joan Jemson and Rita Beckham for the updates.

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