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The Builders

The Builders

We thought that this was a photograph of Hebditch’s builders, but we could not place the terrace of houses that they were working on. Stephen Steyert has now told us that this is Rawlinson Street, Carlin How. Charles Hebditch came from Scarborough to Loftus and built the Congregational Chapel in 1906 followed by the houses on the south side of West Road, between the garage and West Park Avenue. In 1911 he was living in one of them; ‘Briardale’, with his family. He bought the land on which nos. 20 to 25 Cliff Crescent stand in 1908 and the houses were completed in 1909. At that time he was working in partnership with Theodore Wilcox, another builder from Scarborough. He also built many other houses in and around Loftus. In answer to Mark Green’s query, Lax Street originally faced Maynard Street; the entire row of houses was demolished when the road was re-aligned removing the necessity of the traffic to pass through Carlin How in a series of sharp bends.

Image courtesy of Loftus library and many thanks to Stephen Steyert for that update.

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  • Mark Green formally Miller

    I am looking for the exact place Lax Street was so I can visit where it used to be. Where would I go in present day to visit where the houses used to be?


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