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Carlin How Rovers


1927 or there abouts was the date of this photograph and the names of the men are,
Back row (left to right): ??, W. Driver, ‘Brom’ Williams, J. Hope, T. Gell.
Middle row: A. Goldby, Don Welford, G. Hall, A. Hall, William Carveth, J. Grimstead, L. Nicholson.
Front row: M. Martin, J. Nicholson, N. Leeks, ‘Pop’ Richards, Jim Grimstead.

Ann Robinson tells us: “Don Welford was my Dad. This photograph was taken before he lost his right arm in a works accident at Skinningrove steel works”.
Can anybody assist with the missing name?

Image courtesy of Maureen Anderson and many thanks to Ann Robinson for the update.

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