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Saltburn Miners Bridge


Dated 1890 this image shows the Miner’s Bridge which spanned the stream and narrow valley of  Saltburn Gill, the bridge was used by those miners who lived in Saltburn and worked at the Huntcliffe Mine (today the only remaining part of the mine is the Guibal Fan house close to the railway line). The miners crossed the Saltburn valley (and Skelton Beck) via the Halfpenny Bridge and then crossed Millholme Beck via this footbridge.  The footbridge was demolished in 1906 after the mines closed. The mill at old Saltburn had become inefficient in 1902 after the more powerful steam-driven mills came into use at Yarm; the mill was demolished in 1905.

Julie Riddiough tells us: ”the late Mrs Chester from Brotton told me about it, I remember asking her why it was the called the miners footbridge, as I’d assumed it led to the mill. I’ll have to dig out my notes but, off the top of my head, I think she said it was a footbridge used by miners to get to work at the Huntcliff Mine (I think that’s the one where the fan house is) I seem to remember her telling me that it was not very stable and farmers even used to lead animals over it, I’m sure, she told me it was made of wood and took quite a battering from use and being so close to the sea it got into bad repair and it was demolished as it was dangerous.”

Image courtesy of Iris Place; information courtesy of ”Saltburn-by-the-sea” compiled by Joan Wiggins; thanks to Julie Riddiough for the update, as well as Chris Twigg and Ian Scott  for their comments.

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