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Staithes War Memorial

Staithes War Memorial

A further War Memorial created and erected by William Arrowsmith of Loftus. The Staithes War Memorial stands at the top of the bank that leads down into the lower part of the village, and the harbour. The memorial is inscribed: ”Staithes War Memorial: To Perpetuate the memory of Those Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice for King and Country. During the Great War 1914 – 1918”. As the century progressed this deeply felt sentiment had to further include the soldiers, airmen, and a large number of sailors from the Second World War;┬áto the present day as with all Memorials┬áthe more recently fallen are remembered.

As Laurence Binyon’s poem states: ”WE WILL REMEMBER THEM!”

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  • Anne B

    One of the brave men mentioned on the war memorial is Alexander Macdonald Watson- he was the Chief Officer on the Adellen. The ship was hit by a U-boat in the North Atlantic. He lived at Glendevon Cottage in Barrass Square, Staithes and was married to Lily Watson

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