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Were You At This Christmas Party?

The location was Liverton Village hall; date we would love to know! We have most of the names and they are given below. But are we correct we would love to know and can you supply the missing names?
Back row: Keith Mortimer, Michael Featherstone, Brian Mortimer, David Snowdon, Nancy Wilson, Mrs Readman and baby.
Fourth row: Judith Snowdon, Brian Snowdon, Barbara Bottomley, ??, Margaret Maudsley, Jean Marsay, Nancy Whitwell, ? Readman, Richard Thompson.
Third row (at far right): Kathy Dowey, David Codling, David Wallace, John Whitwell.
Second row: John Dowey, Jennifer Featherstone, Brenda Maudsley, Dorothy Marsay, Audrey Whitwell, Susan Whitwell, David Dowey, ? Readman, Mary Stevenson.
Front row: Philip Stevenson, Christine Wallace, Jean Wallace, Audrey Wallace, Janet Codling, ? Readman, ? Readman, Linda Hodgeson.
Image and names courtesy of Janet Codling.

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  • Janet Wilson

    The little boy sitting with Mary Stevenson is Leslie Dowson. His father was my dad’s cousin and lived at Handale banks farm until the early 1960s. I remembered visiting them when his sister Lynne was born.

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