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Skinningrove Stream

A post card view of the normally quiet stream through the centre of Skinningrove. Taken from a C O Smelt postcard, date as yet unknown.
Image courtesy of Joyce Dobson & Keith Bowers.

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  • Derick Pearson

    I cannot remember the Weir in the center of Skiingrove village as it says in the caption. More important the photo is taken from the left of the stream and there appears to be cliffs in the background on the right of the stream. No where does that appear in the village. However when we were children there was a weir much further upstream near the viaduct underpass. One as the stream from loftus (Narrows side) met the kilton stream and also one further up the Narrows on the Loftus section. Could this be the area of the photo?

  • Elizabeth Mellor

    Just a thought – could this be the pump house at the jetty? Saltburn side of the sands?

  • Colin

    There was always a drop in the level of the beck under the railway bridge at the top of Zetland Row. The background looks like the stone from the railway bridge and the brick wall(top right) will be the wall around the school yard.

  • A . Andrew

    This looks like the pump house weir, near Angling Green.

  • Bryan Richardson

    i think that this was next to the Gas House.We used to go fishing in it.

  • Bryan Richardson

    Another view of this can be found on Page 9 of the Skinningrove Section in a photograph titled ‘Calm Waters’ .

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