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Guisborough Football Club 1905

Guisborough Football Club 1905

We have names for all the members of thisĀ 1905 team for Guisborough, but we particularly like the two gentlemen on the right, complete with bowler hats!

Back row: A. Old, G. Stevenson, T. Smith, J. Kirkconell, H. Mann, W. G. Batterbee, C. Peacock (Captain), J. Coulthard, W. Pybus, H. Bowmaker.
Front row: R. Wright, T. Pattinson, R. Williams, T. Darnton, W. Pearson, A. Williams, C. B. Robson (Trainer).
Image courtesy of Joyce Dobson & Keith Bowers.

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  • Penny Hoskins

    My grandfather was W. Pearson, seated second from left on front row. I have a silver medal that he won in 1903-4 season. So excited and rather emotional toting this as I never met him and have no clear photos of him. Thank you .

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