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Derailment Liverton Mines Viaduct 1909

Derailment Liverton Mines Viaduct 1909

A further image of the 1909 derailment on the Liverton Viaduct showing how the N.E.R. overcame the problems that accidents caused to its passenger timetable. Drawn up close to the head of the accident (on the Loftus side) is a commuter train.  The passengers from a Whitby-bound train can be seen walking along the trackbed, some with small children, to board the commuter train, which will then take them on the rest of their journey. Simon Chapman tells us: ”The accident occurred in 1909 and the wagons involved were fairly new. Unusually for mineral wagons they had continuous (air) brakes and were being used on trains between Liverton Mines and Cargo Fleet Works.” We understand: ”The crane appears to be a Cowans Sheldon 15-tonner. I think it’s likely to have been either CME 1 or CME 2 which were built in 1893 for the NER.”

Image courtesy of Joyce Dobson & Keith Bowers, many thanks to Simon Chapman and the Breakdown Crane Association for additional information.

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