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Robert Glover – Railway Worker

Robert Glover - Railway Worker

This family photograph shows Robert GloverĀ great grand father of Caroline Callow, heĀ  was a railway guard for NE Railway and lived in Loftus and for some time at 22 Wood Street Carlin How

Photo courtesy of Caroline Callow and thanks to Fred Miller for the comment.

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  • Despite not knowing Robert Glover, I felt I should comment. What a fantastic experience it is looking at all these old photos. I was born in 1937 at Furnace cottages but spent my childhood at 26 Westray Street. I had relatives in both Westray Street and Rawlinson Street: Boardmans, Maddens, Watts. The ‘Bottom End’ as it was known was a small community separate from the rest of Carlin How. I have many happy memories of the place, the ‘top and bottom commons’, ‘ally ballies’, Bobby Conway, Bob Welford and Alf Hudson (coalmen); Bosomworth’s milk lorry and Hall’s milk cart. The gang I played with; Peter Libby (still there and still in touch), Leo Bowman, Betty Pinkney, the Ward twins, Colin Green, Raymond Hicks and lots more. We roamed all over the valley from Kilton woods to Hummersea to Saltburn side and all points in between. as well as Saturday matinees at the Empire. Now I live in Hertfordshire but I still visit your website and memories flood back. Every year we rent a cottage in the area to visit relatives, my half brother Ian Bowman in Skelton and various cousins. Enough ,thank you for all the photos and a Very Happy New Year to everyone in Carlin How but in particular the Bottom End.

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