Robert Glover at work

Robert Glover at work

Another view of Robert Glover, complete with the albert for his pocket watch (as a railway guard he woulkd need to ensure accurate timekeeping) proudly attached to his waistcoat button hole.

Photo courtesy of Caroline Callow

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  • Tom Glover

    Wondering if Robert Glover would be the grandson of Thomas Glover (died 1847)and Mary Smith of Loftus .
    They had 5 sons and a daughter Marry Ann (that I know of)
    The eldest Thomas born Dec 1810 was my great grandfather left for Canada with his brother William (1813) and Smith relative in1831.
    No known contact with family left at home.
    Settled north of Toronto , Ontario in York County
    Brothers remaining in loftus area, John, Robert, Joseph

    Tom Glover

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