Robert Glover at home

Robert Glover at home

Believed to have been taken at 22 Wood Street, Carlin How, Caroline Callow tells us: ”  I believe he worked in Skinningrove and have found reference to him being involved in a fatal accident in Skinningrove on 26 June 1880.”

Photograph courtesy of Caroline Callow and many thanks for her information.

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  • Derick Pearson

    Hi Carline, I am not sure whether you have some dates mixed up. Reason I say this is that (1) Wood Street was built between 1871 and 1881 and the house on the photo does not look that old. It has already had pointing repairs done low down which you would not have needed on a house 5 years old or so. They suffered from dampness as I lived at 21 for some years but that was when they were much older. The fact you say he was involved in a fatal accident in 1880 must imply this photo was taken before that while he was still alive.(2) Joy Merrett states her Great Grandparents Robert and Lucy Glover lived there at no22 and states he DIED in 1942. The gent in your photo looks rather old then(which you state was prior to 1880) so if your dates are correct then it could not have been the same man who died in 1942, Is it possible that your photo was actually taken in the 1940s? That would seem to fit ok. and agree with Joys report and also would fit with the age of the house. Regards

  • Lynn O'Neill

    I was born in 22 Wood Street in April 1946. My family name was Peggs. We lived with my Grandparents – Charlie and Sarah Peggs. We moved to East Loftus in 1947 and my grandparents moved to Coronation Street – also in Carlin How- I think around 1950.
    I remember 22 Wood Street fairly well – and I don’t remember the lintel bricks (is that the correct term?) above the door and window.
    Haven’t been there in a hundred years – I understand that Wood Street was demolished some years ago.

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