Tutor Group 10D

Tutor Group 10D

We know the Tutor Group, but would love to know the year, can you help?

Back row: G. Thompson, L. Wright, D. Maskell, G. Hodgson, M. Cuthbert.
Middle row: Mrs M.R. Bennett (Teacher), D. Garner, W. Harrison, N. Colbeck, Steve Pearson, M. Schwec, L. Smith, G. Craven, J. Easton,  Mr. K. Staines (Head of Year).
Front row: L. Papworth, L. Hewitt, C. Crooks, M. Tunnah, L. Welford, J. Dixon, D. Devereux, F. Sowerby, K. Bingham.

Image courtesy of Lee Archer, thanks to Steve Pearson for the year update.

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