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The hamlet of Houlsyke in the Esk Valley, between Danby and Lealholm. Once a centre for the salting and curing of bacon for the Esk Valley. It was shipped from Whitby for the London market. A large trade was also done in wool fleeces. Trading was conducted in ”The Fat Ox” public house, long since closed.

Postcard courtesy of Tina Dowey.

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  • Amy Nightigale


    We used to stay at what is now called Ivy cottage, 30 years ago. We used to cross over the road and help the farmer bottle the fresh milk and gel deliver it. Called in today for the first time but there is no farm. Am I correct that a dram was in the centre?



  • Lawrence Taylor

    We used to live in Daleside (a black and white bungalow next to the Methodist Church) 20 years ago. Our friends across the road ran a farm which closed but they still live in Houlsyke.We are going back for a week this year to visit them.

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