Station Dart Boys

Station Dart Boys

We know the date, we know it is the Station Hotel, Brotton and the Darts Team. Trevor Metcalfe tells us: ”The man just above the 1952 is my grandfather Joe Metcalfe, a resident of Brotton when the photograph was taken, but in his working life was an ironstone miner at Bell’s mine Carlin How and lived in one of Bells huts.” The rest we ask for assistance in completing, the gentleman holding the blackboard is in Chelsea pensioner uniform. Norman Patton assisted advising: ”Man in uniform at the front has obviously escaped from the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. He is a Chelsea Pensioner”. David Manship has advised the Archive: ” The man on the left of the picture smoking a pipe is Tom Verrill; he lived about 100 yards from the Station pub, just past the High Wall”.
Image courtesy of Trevor Metcalfe and many thanks to Norman Patton and David Manship for the updates.

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