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Suffragette’s or crossdressers? Are the men supporters or is it a spoof? The trainer on the right, suggests a cricket or football team. Perhaps a fund raising event, believed to be at Carlin How. Can anyone help with further information.

Image courtesy of Pat Bennison.

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  • Derick Pearson

    I have this photo recorded as the Football team and the trainer on the right and the gent front left are on another photo in the archives. It is said to be Carlin How but if it were taken from the football field entrance, the elevation of the background, the number of fields & the fact that High Crag Hall farm is not shown would prove that wrong. It cannot be looking toward the village as the land falls away. It cannot be looking up the valley toward Kilton as again elevation is wrong and if taken from the school field then the background of Loftus does not fit. So Carlin How I would say is doubtfull.

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