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Jolly Hockey Sticks

Jolly Hockey Sticks

Loftus County Modern Hockey team, 1961 is the date and I can see Alison Belnkinsop, next to Vera Shaw on the front row. Now ladies name yourselves please!

Back row: Dorothy Collins, ??, Josephine Golding, Christine Ebbs, Mrs Elsie Clark (teacher).

Front row: ??, ??, Hillary Templeman, Vera Shaw, Allison Blenkinsop, Eileen Chadwick,Jeannette McMaster, ??.

Many thanks go to Pat Bennison for the loan of the photo; also thanks to Eileen Bateman (nee Chadwick), Norman Patton and Helen Cook Fowle) for the updates.

4 comments to Jolly Hockey Sticks

  • Eileen Chadwick (now Bateman)

    Back left to right. ? / ? / Josephine Golding / Christine Ebbs/ Elsie Clark (teacher)
    Front left to right ? / ? /Hillary Templeman /Vera Shaw / Allison Blenkinsop / Eileen Chadwick (now Bateman) ? / ?

  • Norman

    Second from right on front row is Jeannette McMaster.

  • Helen Fowle (now Cook)

    I believe back left is Dorothy Collins.

  • Chris Shaw

    I can confirm that second from right on the front row is indeed Jeanette McMaster, who became Jeanette Shaw.

    I know because she was my Mum and sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2001, aged 55.

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