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Skinningrove School

Skinningrove School

Again I need help, I know the teacher is Mrs McGingle and I know I can see Michael Yeoman seated at the front, after that I am stuck can you fill in any of the names. Please, pretty please.

Back row: Richard Smithies, ??, John Young, Mike Hallams, ??, Ronnie Cook, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Brian Locker.

Middle row: ??, Jean Whellam, Sheila Austin, ??, Margaret Welford, Elaine Cornforth, ??, Pat Rowlings?, ??, ??.

Front row: Valerie Taylor?, ??, Jean Bosomworth, ??, ??, Miss McGingle, Isabel Tyreman?, ??, Pat Harcourt, Joyce or Jean Pearson.

Front seated: Barry Husband, Joe Pearson, Michael (Pussy) Yeoman, Cyril Libby.

Photo courtesy of Pat Bennison and thanks to Barbara, Bob Doe and Derick for the updates..

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  • Barbara McBruney

    Girls front row seated third from right is Pat Fawcett formerly Harcourt

  • Bob Doe

    3rd left back row is John Young: Extreme right back row is Brian Locker

  • Bob Doe

    End right seated Cyril Libby? next him Michael Yeoman. 2nd left seated Joe Pearson?

  • Bob Doe

    Back row extreme left Richard Smithies

  • Derick Pearson

    Back row, 4th from left is Mike Hallams, 6th from left Ronnie Cook, Third row, 2nd from left Jean Whellam, 3rd from left Shiela Austin, 5th from left Margaret Welford, 6th from left is Elaine Cornforth, 8th from left possibly Pat Rowlings, 2nd row, 1st left could be Valerie Taylor but not certain, 3rd from left Jean Busomworth, 6th from left Miss McGingle Teacher, 7th from left Possibly Elaine Tyrman, 9th from left Pat Harcourt I think, On the floor 1st left could be Barry Husband? 3rd from left is Mike (Pussy) Yeoman. Forgive spelling if some names incorrect. Grey Matter not as good as it used to be.

  • Bob Doe

    front row end right is Joyce or Jean Pearson.

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