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Below Ground

Below Ground

Underground at Kilton mine with a view of an Eimco Loader known as a cranner in Cleveland. The miner at the tub is making room for more stone. Derick Pearson tells us: ” This photo is of Septimus Bambrough of Carlin How (left) and Stan Tremain of North Skelton (right). They were part of the record-breaking team at Kilton Pit (District 11 in 1951). The other members of the team were John Stonehouse snr of Lingdale (platelayer), Dennis Pearson (Deputy and my father)  of Carlin How and Big George (Ducks) Hollinworthof  Lingdale. My father Dennis and Big George were drilling the face, Sep and Stan using the Eimco Loader (cranner) and John making sure the metals were laid in order to keep things going. This record was never beaten. Some North Skelton Miners claimed to have beaten it within the year with overall tonnage, but they had a 6 man team and so the tonnage per man output was never beaten. Andrew Turnbull was mine manager and said he had 5 ” injins” or engines as the top workers were called. He said he was proud to be their manager.The event made the headlines in the Evening Gazette and also many of the national newspapers in mining communities.”

Photo courtesy of George Pearson and thanks to Derick for the update.

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