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Loftus Shops Circa 1967

Loftus Shops Circa 1967

A quieter view of the Zetland Road and Westfield Terrace corner, taken before the traffic lights were installed. Also the various shops which then graced the end of Zetland Road. Much changed today, although the chemists remains with a much less imposing frontage.
Image courtesy of Ray Brown.

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  • Ben Willis

    I am Grandson of Ruby Middleton (formally Trinder) who inherited “Trinders” (centre shop in photo) from her father John Trinder. Did you know that one of Trinders curved entrance windows (as you can see in the photo) was one of a very few windows to survive WWII bombs in Loftus. The window remained intact until Coral the bookmakers bought the shop about 10 years ago, which they demolished and replaced with the modern bookmakers shop window… Sad


    Oh my god at last a photo of trinders shop, i have been searching for one for years. it was my grt grt grt grandads shop original, his daughter kate was my grt grt grandmother. we have never been able to find a pic of the shop, i was due to go see Ruby a few years ago whilst doing the family tree, but she wasnt well enough. My nana still has a china cabinet from trinders shop that they were allowed to pick as a wedding present. would it be possible for you to email me a copy of the pic?

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