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Here we are back in 1951 when over 400 children from Loftus, Carlin How and Skinningrove took part in the Festival of Britain pageant in Hird’s field Loftus. The pageant showed a large audience how their ancestors lived worked and clothed from the early days to the present day even a glimpse into the future, or what they thought would be the future.
Three of the children there are:- Ian Smith, Micket Dorgan and Cody ?. Can you see yourself there or do you know any of the children?

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  • sheila harris nee Potts

    This was awonderful spectacle and gave me a life long love of theatre.

  • Kathleen Johnson(nee Grant)

    This was a wonderful pageant. My grandmother lived nearby in Liverton Rd. I cannot name any on the photo but I do recall my brother Mike Grant was a roman soldier, I was only a spectator and was very jealous of Jackie Duncan who had a part and wore a dress of sacking.
    Kathleen Johnson(nee Grant)

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