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Diamond Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee

Okay here comes the question again, where was Moss Farm in Loftus, or do they mean Mars Farm? As Terry Shaw has discovered it was a misprint and often happened in the situation regarding Mars Farm. Thanks to Terry for the comment.

Cutting from a collection gifted to the Archive, most of the cuttings coming from the Northern Echo and cover the period 1930 to 1940.

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  • Terry Shaw

    In 2005 I wrote a book ‘The History of Loftus Cricket Club’ after an extensive search I was unable to trace MossFarm. Redcar library have maps of Loftus dating back to the 1870′s and Moss Farm does not appear anywhere, I presume that the references mean Mars Farm.

  • Terry Shaw

    After further research Moss Farm still cannot be found, however the reference could mean Marsh Farm which was the original name of the Mars Inn.

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