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Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress

Once again at Carlin How; part of the Gala or Carnival Day in the 1960s. We have other images of the event on site; but don’t be shy name yourself if you are there. Bill Kitching tells us: ”Man with hand raised could be Jim Husband of Carlin How.” Derick Pearson tells us: ” Lady in the white is Mrs Cook, mother of Gordon, Bill and Brian. The parade was at the bottom of Queen Street/ Grosvenor Terrace. Hudson’s shop in the background belonged to the Hudson brothers; Tom and  Alf. One a coalman and the other had the shop at Skinningrove (Hutton Street) I think after this one in Carlin How. Doris ran the shop side. The back door far left was into the yard of the Dairy, owned at that time by Blind Mr Jacobs who used to have a 3 wheel Motor Trike. At the other side of that building on the main road was Swinerton’s Chemist in the 1950s to 60s. The procession was on its way to the Tennis Courts and Football field. I believe it was Gala day or Carnival Day about 1962.  Lanc Lightfoot was also dressed as Ghandi with a goat and of course the 3 three gents as Negro’s in the photo.”

Photo courtesy of Eric Johnson; thanks to Bill and Derick for the updates.

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