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Guisborough Grammar School – Form V – April 1959

Guisborough Grammar School - Form V - April 1959

A lovely school photo loaned to us by Peter Thompson. Many thanks to all for naming the names!

Back row: Alan Benson, Harry Clayton, Dick Peacock, Ray Tuttle, Mike Kirby, Tom Blenkinsop, Pat Reddick, Peter Thompson, Geoff Hirst, Laurence Barker.

Middle row: David Rickaby, Norman Patton, Gordon Hinds, Keith Cargil, Brian Winspear, Richard Thompson, Trevor Teasdale, Alf Smith, Mac Elvidge, Fred Brown.

Front row: Robin Wynn, Robert Trattles,  John Pearson, Donald Marr, Mr Cooper (French teacher), Ken Fawcett, Alan Cross, John (Nat) Barber, Ernie Dowey.

Norman Patton also tells us: ”On recollection there are several students missing from this group;  Michael Dadd and Raymond Harrison (from Loftus – to join the Royal Navy), Derek Sharpe from Upleatham,  Stuart Fletcher from Ayton, Len Hodgson from Brotton (they had remained in Form IV) and Bill May (from North Skelton – to join ICI)”.

Image courtesy of Peter Thompson, updates from Norman Patton, Bob Doe and Ken Fawcett (who also supplied additional information).

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  • Ken Fawcett

    Re Guisborough Grammar School photo.The photo shows Form V in April 1959.To complete the names,on the back row Kirby’s first name was Mike.
    The middle row is Dave Rickaby,Norman Patton,Gordon Hinds,Keith Cargill,Brian Winspear,Richard Thompson,Trevor Teasdale,Alf Smith,Mac Elvidge,Fred Brown.
    The bottom row is Robin Winn,Robert Trattles,John Pearson.Donald Marr,Mr.Cooper,Ken Fawcett,Alan Cross,John Barber,Ernie Dowey.
    Of those missing from the group,Mike Dadd and Ray Harrison had already left to join the Royal and Merchant Navy respectively;Fletcher and Hodgson I think remained in Form IV when those in the photo moved to Form V.Bill May had left to join ICI.

  • David Rickaby

    Just come across this photograph. I remember you all but short term one going!
    I would be delighted to make contact with my class mates after 60 odd years, especially as we , maybe, come out of this coronavirus thing. Best regards to all who see this see

    • Ken Fawcett

      Hi David, good to see your comments -regards to you too. Hard to believe that the photo was taken over 60 years ago.
      There are quite a few faces I’ve not seen since schooldays and indeed some, sadly, who are no longer with us. I’ve had contact with some of the “class of ’59” in recent years including Jeff Hurst and Bill May, both of whom I see occasionally in the summer at Saltburn cricket club and I still exchange Christmas cards with Brian Winspear (we are cousins ) although our most recent meeting was at a family funeral some 10 years ago. In following Yorkshire CCC I have crossed paths with Keith Booth at both The Oval and Headingley. He’s not on the photo but you may recall that whilst he started GGS at the same time as us ,he moved a form ahead after the first year. In retirement he was Scorer for Surrey CCC until 2 or 3 years ago.
      Best wishes, take care and stay safe in these crazy times.

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