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18 Inch Mill Group

18 Inch Mill Group

Skinningrove Works open day in 1974, a group are on the 18 inch mill, near the intermediate roll housing. Any more names please?

Left to right: Bernadette Stanyard, Mrs Stanyard, Norman Stanyard, Christine Tyreman (Drew) Sales Manager,s Secretary,  ?? , Mrs Tams Catering Manager?, ??, John Wyborn Shift Manager, ??.

Bob Doe advises:”4th from left is Christine Tyreman (Drew) who was the Sales Manager’s secretary?, 2nd from right is John Wyborn, who was a Shift Manager. 4th From right wearing glasses could be Mrs Tams who was in charge of catering”. Barbara McBurney advises: ”Third from left is Norman Stanyard, second from left is his wife and first on left is his daughter Bernadette.” We are now advised by Hugh Bernard that his father is not shown on this image, hence the ?? in our commentary, can anybody assist in identification.

Image courtesy Dave McGill and thanks again to Bob, Barbara and Hugh Bernard for the updates.

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