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Happy Group Tour

Happy  Group Tour

Skinningrove Works; a happy group tour the 36 inch Mill. We asked for names and Betty Hall (nee Graves) came up trumps! They are:

Left to right: Sed Lyman, Annie Mann, Geoff Graves, Jenny Graves, Margaret Nicholson, Mrs Lyman, Florence Murrell, Betty Graves.
Image courtesy Dave McGill and many thanks to Betty for completing our names list.

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  • Betty Hall (graves)

    Updated Name’s
    1- Sed Lyman
    2- Annie Mann
    3&4 – Mr Geoff & Mrs Jenny Graves (Bets Mam & Dad)
    5- Margarte Nicholson
    6- Mrs Lyman (Sed wife)
    7- Florence Murell (worked on the mill)
    8- Betty Graves

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