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Skinningrove Class of 52

Skinningrove Class of 52

I was told that this is the choir of skinningrove school, were you one of the singers? Come on don’t be shy if you can’t name yourself then name some of the other students.

Back row: Dez Rodgers, John Winspear, Derek Smith, ??, Eric Rowe, Brian Yeoman, ??.

Second row: Mr Snowdon (Headmaster), ??, Pam Smith, ??, A Myers, ??, Billy Pierson, Eunice Mclean, Janet Thompson, Kathleen Hendry, Miss Proctor.

Third row: Mary Bray, Carol Shaw, ? ? Jean Walker, Carol Breckon.

Front row: ? Alderson, ?Butler, Maureen Brown, Ivy Metcalf, Audrey Cornforth, Betty Johnson.

Many thanks to Derick Pearson and Ella De Wastney (nee Brown) for the update on names.

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