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Strike Up The Band

Strike Up The Band

Loftus County Modern School Band taken in 1963-64 and believed to be linked to the 5oth Jubilee of the Working Men’s Club in Carlin How outside which it was taken or possibly a Carlin How Gala, do you recognise anyone? Alan Walker tells us: ”Keith Ferguson (trombone), Keith Steyart (tenor horn), Peter Smith (baritone), Neville Rogerson (euphonium), Richard Shippey. Possibly Allan Walker (tenor horn), Barry Winspear (trombone), Kenneth Wilkinson (tenor horn), Mick Morrison (cornet), Eric Trembath (flugel horn), Richard Webster (bass).”

Photograph courtesy of Eric Johnson and thanks to Barbara McBurney, Alan Walker and Neville Rogerson for the updates.

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  • Barbara McBurney

    Hi there the boy at the back facing the camera with the side hair parting is Kenneth Wilkinson, guessing I would say the picture was taken around 1957/58 but have no idea on the occasion. Kenneth is brother to Barbara Tose.

  • Allan Walker

    Keith Ferguson trombone, Keith Steyart tenor horn, Peter Smith barritone, Neville Rogerson euphonium, Possibly Allan Walker tenor horn, Barry Winspear trombone, Kenneth Wilkinson tenor horn, Mick Morrison cornet, Eric Trembath flugel horn,Richard Webster bass.

  • neville rogerson

    Allan’s got most of us just to the right of me [Nev], looks like my old mate Richard Shippey up against the wall. Judging by my hair about 1962 or 63 great times what a team!

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