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A Local Wedding

A Local Wedding

The bridal party at the wedding of Mr George Gordon Knaggs and Miss Elsie Mary Garnett in August 1939. The older local people will remember Gordon Knaggs as the owner of the Daisy Dairy in Loftus and Miss Garnett as the daughter of the undertaker Harry Garnett who lived in Carlin How. We now have an update and can identify all those in the picture, from left to right we have: Henry Knaggs (Groom’s father), Alice Knaggs (Groom’s mother), John Speechly, Florence Mary Knaggs (Groom’s sister), Geogre Gordon Knaggs, Elsie Mary Garnett, Vincent Raspison (Best Man), Nora Gwendoline Garnett (Bride’s sister), Lilian Skilbeck (Groom’s aunt), Annie Garnett (Bride’s mother), Hannah Maymen, Arthur Garnett (Bride’s father).

Image from a cuttings file held by the Archive and for identification of all present  many thanks to Howard Wilson.

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